Some Caveats:

I am not a history scholar, and I did not live through any of the dictatorial regimes that I'm going to document here. As such I'm certainly going to get things wrong. Please contact me with corrections and I'll best to correct them.

More importantly, I recognize that writing and discussing history, especially recent history can be very difficult and emotional. I may miss out important details in any history I cover, and I'm aware that I bring a certain historical and political perspective. I know that I cannot cover these complicated, painful, and controversial periods in history in a way that will satisfy everyone, but I will do my very best to ensure that I cover each episode in history with as much respect and responsibility as possible. It is my hope that I can do a service in spite of these shortcomings by helping to make people aware of the historical legacies that we live with, and by trying to bring some measure of historical awareness into the current political discourse.

Please reach out to me over email with your thoughts and concerns and I will try to incorporate them into the podcast. While I may not take every suggestion, your feedback is important, and I promise that I will read and address every message I recieve.


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