Augusto Pinochet


17 December 1974 – 11 March 1990

Right-wing millitary dictator of Chile. He ousted his predecessor, Salvador Allende in a US-backed military coup. During his rule, he murdered upwards of 3,000 of his own citizens and tortured around 30,000. He radically and unilaterally reshaped Chile under a regime of terror and authoritarianism, bringing about a series of free market reforms that bolstered the economy while personally embezzling millions.

01.01: Pinochet - Setting the Stage

01.02: Pinochet - The Greek Tragedy

01.03: Pinochet - The Caravan of Death

01.04: Pinochet - Outside Chile

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Show Notes

In this fourth episode of the dictators podcast, we cover Chile's role on the world stage in the early years of the Pinochet regime.